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Boost your sales and profitability on

Navazon becomes your full service Amazon business representative

Invite Navazon to your headquarters to discuss e-commerce strategies and  optimizing your Amazon business

Attend a two-day learning seminar to gain the skills necessary to increase your Amazon sales

Training videos that put Navazon's expertise at your fingertips when you need it.


Navazon helps you maximize the sales potential of your catalog on Amazon by:

  • Adding high-traffic keywords to all your products to boost search rankings

  • Optimizing product marketing content to increase conversion on Amazon listings

  • Decreasing purchase barriers for Amazon customers through vendor engagement

Navazon protects your sales from 3P damage by:    

  • Identifying predominate 3P sellers and cleaning up distribution channel             

  • Merging duplicate product listings so more purchases are from your Amazon listing    

  • Resolving unapproved 3P content changes on your listings

Navazon repairs your lost margin by:

  • Filing quantity and price shortage claims with Amazon invoices

  • Successfully disputing chargebacks and preventing them from reoccurring

  • Troubleshooting and fixing root causes of financial charges

Navazon will help you negotiate your best terms by:    

  • Identifying terms you're entitled to and your category's standard terms

  • Understanding the incentives of your Amazon buyer       

  • Knowing your key leverage points 


Whether you are doing business with Amazon or considering doing so now, spending time with Navazon Consulting is the best investment you can make. Time spent with Navazon Consulting will make significant impact on your approach and success. Navazon understands doing business with Amazon like no other vendor I have dealt with. Amazon is a constantly changing beast that few people thoroughly understand. Save time and costly mistakes. Hire a pro out of the gate.

Raymond E. Pinard

CEO, The Mountain Corporation

Every vendor selling direct to Amazon should attend Navazon’s learning seminar. I met with my Amazon buyer next the day and felt better prepared than ever! I knew my Amazon buyer’s goals and incentives, and how to respond. I’ve already told others that I network with in the industry to contact Navazon. Keep up the great work Navazon!

Andy Green

National Accounts Manager, Umarex USA

I learned more about navigating through Amazon in 3 hours than in 3 years working on the account. I walked away with more confidence and a list of actionable items to improve the success of the account.


Kim Roper

National Accounts Manager, Kidde

Alan Adams is our former Amazon buyer who left Amazon over a year ago to launch his own business advising companies how to get the most out of their Amazon relationship. Al is a guy who can help get companies to the next level as he presents from an insider view. He is a friend of SOG and we continue to bounce things off him.


Jerry Heinlin

CEO, SOG Speciality Knives & Tools, LLC.

The best decision we made to accelerate our ecommerce strategy was utilizing the resources that Navazon provides. Navazon gave us a detailed understanding of along with a tactical, application specific approach to sales, marketing and operational improvements.

Todd Shumate

President, KNIPEX Tools LP

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